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cat and witch

The paranormal has always fascinated me—ghosts, vampires, werewolves, legends, mythology—and anything else that goes bump in the night. If a movie came out that had any paranormal or fantasy theme, I was there.

I would often wonder, why or what if?

The Wicked Witch had every right to be angry at Dorothy. She killed her sister and stole her shoes. What if the Wicked Witch killed Dorothy and took the shoes back? What would’ve happened to the Good Witch and those obnoxious Munchkins? What if the Flying monkeys belonged to the Good Witch? Would they have been just as scary? (I used to love the flying monkeys.) Don’t get me wrong, the Wizard of Oz is a great story, one of my favorites. I just like to think of different scenarios. That’s how I entertain myself when the movies are over.

I grew up watching Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie and often wondered why the main character would stay with such horrible men. Daren wasn’t hot and wouldn’t let Samantha use her witchcraft. He was mean to his mother in-law, Endora. I thought she was the best character on the show.  Major Nelson was good looking but would yell at Jeannie and belittle her in front of all his friends and co-workers. He also wouldn’t let her use her magic. Thinking back, I guess the times didn’t want women to have that much power. What would happen if they were allowed to use their powers? Would they get tired of their mortal husbands and dump them? What if they had a group where they could get support?  What if the husbands had powers?

All these questions go through my mind when I watch a show or movie. After a while, I had too many characters and scenarios in my mind and started writing them down. That’s how I started writing. Soon I can share my stories and tales with you.

Thanks so much for visiting my website.